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me,friends,snow,a hill,my board + deluxe ski resorts - yessir

howdy how cowboys

im sorry i didnt drop a line in here for a long time,its just because ima lazy ass that mainly surfs on myspace when hes online :D...ok anyways,today is new schedule is absolutely tight and im studying everything im really interested in right anatomy,psychology and other science classes,it kinda specifies the field i want to work on when im a grown up.geez there pretty much JUST IS good news over and over...but the best thing is : we dont have school on thursday + friday AND it is raining/snowing in the last few what do u assume?


thats right,snowboarding,all day baby yeheaaaa finnaly ! im so excited me and my friends are leaving at 8 in the morning,drive 30 minutes and then hit the parks!sounds awesome huh? i PROMISE I WILL TAKE MY CAMERA this time,I PROMISE! (im just a lazy bitch)

if you want me to call you for FREE goto and register...easy thang

thats all for now,i hope im not gonna get injuried some how on the first day...


26.10.06 00:33

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