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newzizzle dizzle ?

haha,sorry for that titel, im  listening to too much hiphop at the time

hmmm soooo... tuesday night. This friday we have another school dance called "wild west" and im sooooooooooooooo frickin excited and i love school dances so much. see,you can definitely have fun WITHOUT alcohol!

so we have this one day thats called "lights day" people have to dress up in red,yellow or green

green = i need a date

yellow = i got asked but i still have to answer

red = i have a date

usually its normal that guys ask the girls for a date, but in this case, its the other way around,girls ask guys . So it really gives you a good overview about the whole dating situation thing.. i know i dont have to worry about that because if your in a relationship you go with him or her.... duh !

well anyways im goin with mallory and unfortunately she hates dancing and shes not a great fan of hiphop, which is really sad cause thats one of the best parts and she actually is the probably most self confidential girl i know...but still, oh well, nobodys perfect, right homies?

I PROMISE : PICTURES and more feedback... i got charged batteries ready so no worries, haha!


15.11.06 01:26

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