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newzizzle dizzle ?

haha,sorry for that titel, im  listening to too much hiphop at the time

hmmm soooo... tuesday night. This friday we have another school dance called "wild west" and im sooooooooooooooo frickin excited and i love school dances so much. see,you can definitely have fun WITHOUT alcohol!

so we have this one day thats called "lights day" people have to dress up in red,yellow or green

green = i need a date

yellow = i got asked but i still have to answer

red = i have a date

usually its normal that guys ask the girls for a date, but in this case, its the other way around,girls ask guys . So it really gives you a good overview about the whole dating situation thing.. i know i dont have to worry about that because if your in a relationship you go with him or her.... duh !

well anyways im goin with mallory and unfortunately she hates dancing and shes not a great fan of hiphop, which is really sad cause thats one of the best parts and she actually is the probably most self confidential girl i know...but still, oh well, nobodys perfect, right homies?

I PROMISE : PICTURES and more feedback... i got charged batteries ready so no worries, haha!


15.11.06 01:26


hey again

 first of all im just uploading some pics of some random stuff the snowboarding trip was frickin awesome but i could hardly take any pics because my battery was low...sorry ^^

hm its sunday and im kinda tired today...i bought a cell phone last weekend and its frickin awesome and pretty cheap too...

not quite sure yet what im gonna do today besides tennis,well hmm ill see... homework always is a good thing right


i think thats all for now...skiseason is coming...

im just uploading some pics by the way so just hang on

5.11.06 19:03

me,friends,snow,a hill,my board + deluxe ski resorts - yessir

howdy how cowboys

im sorry i didnt drop a line in here for a long time,its just because ima lazy ass that mainly surfs on myspace when hes online :D...ok anyways,today is new schedule is absolutely tight and im studying everything im really interested in right anatomy,psychology and other science classes,it kinda specifies the field i want to work on when im a grown up.geez there pretty much JUST IS good news over and over...but the best thing is : we dont have school on thursday + friday AND it is raining/snowing in the last few what do u assume?


thats right,snowboarding,all day baby yeheaaaa finnaly ! im so excited me and my friends are leaving at 8 in the morning,drive 30 minutes and then hit the parks!sounds awesome huh? i PROMISE I WILL TAKE MY CAMERA this time,I PROMISE! (im just a lazy bitch)

if you want me to call you for FREE goto and register...easy thang

thats all for now,i hope im not gonna get injuried some how on the first day...


26.10.06 00:33

New Family

yooohooowww everybody

todays monday,i moved into the new family on saturday okay und jetz die komische sprache namens deutsch weil ich ziemlich viele leute um mich rum hab...aufjedenfall sind die richtig nice und nett und joah u know...kann oefters annen pc and i LIKE that...

tennis season is over and wir sind dritter in der region (ich und mein partner)...ganz cool...hab zurzeit gute noten etc...ich muss ma mehr fotos machen bin ziemlich faul was das alles betrifft u know...i promise

jooo naja bald sind b-ball tryouts and i hope i can make varsity team...our bball team is frickin amazin so its gonna be really hard 4 sure!!

okay ich hab wieder neue fotos in den friends ordner getan + ich hab jetz comments zu allen geadded...+ homecoming PICS YEEHEAAH thats right homecoming pics...god i could write 3 pages about homecoming - all i can say now is : LONG AND EXCITING NIGHT

thats all for now check out my pics and keep it real ^^

10.10.06 02:49

New Pics !!!

heyho people hab neue bilder verlinkt von ein paar freunden,have fun!
3.10.06 02:26

new pics

hello everybody

like i said just got mu corsage,and guess what ashley was in a store just next to me while i got i got unlucky but she didnt notice...

uhm well gonna make new pics today on homecoming,ich war immer bisschen faul pics von leuten und trips und son krams zu machen aber ich mach das jetz einfach mal...das dauert auch ewig die alle zu uploaden weil meine cam die riesig komprimiert und meine cam irgendwie keine einstellung dafuer hat...

naja muss jetzt langsam anfangen zu styl0rn


30.9.06 23:40

homecoming oh yeah

yoooooooooo hows it goin everybody.... todays the 30th of september -FINALLY - today is the big homecoming das wird so hammer...hab atm leider nicht viel zeit (im sorry wie immer). ich muss mich bei manchen entschuldigen das ich mich lange nicht gemeldet hab.aber ich bin in letzter zeit echt ein bisschen overscheduled you know what i mean. kontakte aufrecht zu halten is verdammt wichtig,und nur weil man sich 1-2 wochen nicht schreibt heisst das noch lange nichts,ich denke an viele von euch taeglich und das is keine luege i swear!

naja back2 homecoming,mein outfit ist black pinstriped pants with a black short and a really cool green tie,its very decent and i think it looks frickin dates dress is black and white,so i actually can wear any color i just about to have some lunch and then go downtown to pick up her corsage worth 30$....homecoming is so expensive i really dont want to mention the total i had to spend...but anyway its gonna be awesome...were gonna meat at a friends house,then go to the dance for 1-2 hours and then go to dinner,i dont know what were gonna do after dinner though,well see...\

hmm thats all for now have a good one guys

30.9.06 21:23

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