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7.3.07 04:57

chevy's on 24's

whatup g's !

 ya, i know its been a long time. im just a lazy ass and im toooo busy

well yeah... i can feel the spring! jesus christ it was 55 out last night... the snow in the valley is melting but the mountains are still covered... i didnt go boarding in 3 weeks now because i was just having an AMAZING time in the grand valley here. last weekend was just so amazingly epic i cant even describe. first of all there were 2 big parties and oh my god what a good time. no i dont do drugs right now because america is where i belong and there is no need for alcohol and such things. of course there are the opportunities but what the hell why should i right? america is brain washing me on alcohol, maybe thats a good thing? anyways. guess what! SUPERBOWL BITCHES! this sunday and it was amazing, along with a little bit of hooka it was so amazing. chicago vs indianapolis - i didnt really care who wins but its just a huuuuuuuuuge thing in america. a good way to honor our country and show our patriotic attitude? exactly! ya well todays monday and im pretty much the most happiest kid on earth because school is just so effing amazing. actually were dissecting cats in my anatomy class. its awkward but it kinda amazes me . of course all my friends drive here, so you just get around easier and all that. friday and saturday our school played other schools in bball they were home games and just off the hook. school spirit baby. GO WILDCATS. oh and big news. school dances coming up baby! February 17th Wight nights - formal dance with all other necessities. thats my highschools dance, and then im going to another dance from the other local grand junction high school - cotton ball. and thats going to be a-m-azing as hell. i promise some badass pictures!

drop me a line guys

10.2.07 01:31

Happy New Years


 guten rutsch maedels, mein silvester is net so der knaller aber dafuer sehe ich texas and new mexico for the first time. i like it alot !

no fireworks and party tonight but a shitload of snowboarding is even better



1.1.07 00:24

pictures pictures

check out the new link on the right...

 new new new pics yummy yummy


mucho love

24.12.06 04:10

say whaaaaaaaaaaaat

hellow fellas. todays sunday the 17th and i just got back from the most amazing snowboard trip EVER!

we went to telluride a resort 3 hours away... and guess what,no not 6k above see level,not 8, not 10 -  12! amazing, too amazing!

okay okay so imagine this:   11k above seelevel,snowy weather conditions and not too cold.a freshly waxed board, a view over the whole countryside combined with some fancy music. cruising down 55 kmh through a nice,fresh, 7- inch top layer of gorgeous powder. swirvin through soooo smooth cause its impossible to catch edges. after a few seconds you see a nice path through the woods, you start aiming and changing course for it - then, finally you enter 4 foot deep powder snow with no lanes telling you that this is gonna be heaven. going through you change stance leaning back popping up your nose to not dig in to far. your right thigh might be cramping out but you dont-give-a-shit. you cruise through trees surfing on the snow just like a real wave. so smooth you can feel the fine powder barely touching your face. you keep on surfing and surfing til the high-speed 4 person lift is waiting for you. slowing down getting your shiny season pass out of your pocket to enter the lift. the guard beside the little cabin smiles at you and says: hey bud,you havin fun? - you just put on a big grin and say : oh definitely, have a nice day.


- this,ladies and gentleman, is colorado.


18.12.06 01:10

time for some snowboarding eh?

hellow ladies!

yup, todays saturday and its like 7 o'clock right now... im actually waiting for my ride to powderhorn the local ski resort... hmmm

yeah so there are lots of open ski resorts,lots of snow,lots of time and lots of beautiful woman.... just kidding haha...

its december  already!! geeez its been 4 months now,long time huh? 7 more months to go - woohoo! well theres not much to say right now nothing really special happening besides snowboarding....

ill TRY and make some pictures... ich kann nich immer die cam mit mir rumtragen, ich brauch nur einmal falsch landen, dann gibts big aua and a smashed camera and we dont want that right? so be pacient and just wait till i go pro -  cause then the media is gonna take pictures for me right? haha

have a good one guys 

9.12.06 15:57


thats right, its snowing all frickin day and the snow here is SO DAM AMAZING. its pure powder !

we have 8 inches now and were goin backyard skiing today, its gonna be sooooo awesome!


were goin backyard skiing today... im gonna take pictures and upload them later !!

29.11.06 00:01

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